12 and Under Rules

South Dakota VFW Baseball Rules

12 and Under

Rules as of March 1, 2017


  1. Competition is open to boys and girls who are 12 and under years of age and eligible to play VFW Baseball. A boy or girl who has reached his or her 13th birthday by May 1st of the current year is not eligible for the 12 and under programs. There will be four classes AA, AA Minors, A and B. Tournament sites and dates will be chosen in advance by the Department of SD VFW Baseball Chairman, Director of Baseball Operations, Region Commissioners and State VFW Officials during annual VFW Baseball Committee Meeting held in January. The number of teams that register, skill level of team players and high school enrollments will be factors when teams are placed in a class. Considerations that best fit the situation for each team will be taken to place a team in a certain class.

  2. A 12 and under Baseball team to be eligible for any tournament play must register online at sdvfwbaseball.com prior to July 1. The registration fee is $150 per team. Registration is now closed.

  3. Team roster forms must include the name of the player, complete address of the player, name of school attended the last school year and date of birth. If this information is incomplete, it can affect the eligibility of the player. You may list up to (25) twenty-five players per roster for each team.

  4. All games in the 12 and under division will be six (6) innings. The 10 run rule will be effect after 4 innings and the 15-run rule will be in effect after 3 innings. There will be no tie. Games will go extra innings if needed to determine the winner.

  5. Pitching distance for the mound will be 48 feet and bases will be 65 feet.

  6. Pitching rules are 3 innings per game, 6 innings per day, 12 innings a tournament. Any violation to the pitching rules (inning pitch) will result in a forfeit of that game. Pitchers will be allowed 6 warm up pitches between innings. There is no balk rule, there will be no balks. If a pitcher takes another position on the field, he/she may not pitch again in that game.

  7. Batter, base runners, bat boys, any players acting as base coach and any players out of the dugout must wear a helmet that covers both ears.

  8. Catchers must wear a protective headgear, chest protectors, throat protectors, catcher’s cup and shin guards. This includes catchers warming up a pitcher.

  9. Metal cleats are not allowed.

  10. Bats may be no more than 2 ¼ inches in diameter and no more than 33 inches in length. All wood bats must be approved Little League bats (must have Little League logo on bat). Any illegal bat will be removed from the game and the batter is out.

  11. Base running. Stealing is permitted, however, the runner cannot leave the base until the ball crosses the plate. The runner is out if he/she leaves the base early. The batter may run on a dropped third strike.

  12. A courtesy runner is encouraged but not required for a catcher with two outs and it is also optional for a pitcher with two outs, but must be a bench player.

  13. A courtesy runner may be any player who is not currently in the game and does not count as an entry into the game. A courtesy runner may later enter the game at any position.

  14.  Slide rule is in effect if a fielder has the ball before the run reaches 2nd, 3rd, or home. The runner is out if contact made, umpire discretion will be applied and decision is final.

  15. You may replace starters during the game, but if he/she re-enters the game, he/she must go into the game for the player he/she was replaced by and also in the same spot in the batting. When the sub comes out, he/she is out of the game. In the event of a serious injury and there are no players left on the bench who have not played, the last player taken out may be placed back in the game in place of the injured player. In the alternative, in case of serious injury, a team may continue to play with eight players and the team will receive an automatic out when that player’s turn to bat occurs.


 VFW Varsity and 13-14 baseball rules will apply to all games unless a change is listed above.