2018 Proposed Rules and Administrative Updates

Please read the 2018 rules carefully due to VFW administration directed changes throughout the documents and the proposed changes highlighted in yellow to be voted on at the Annual Meeting January 21, 2018 at 1000 in Madison SD (VFW Post, 510 S. Washington Ave). If you have additional proposed changes or recommendations to the rules below, they must be submitted to the VFW Chairman by October 15, 2017 via email (danny.frisby-griffin@outlook.com). We've also updated the Tournament Checklist and attached for your review and comment.

In addition, VFW Baseball is excited to announce the initiation of two new programs; VFW Youth Baseball Grant Program and VFW Youth Baseball Community of the Year. The Grant Program Request form is located below for review as well as the process for the selection of the VFW Youth Baseball Community of the Year. VFW Baseball has also established a Veterans Program Donation process to allow VFW Baseball to donate to various VFW Veterans Programs.

If your community and/or association is interested in hosting one of the VFW State Tournaments please provide a "bid" package (via email) to me by November 15th. The following minimum information is required for the Baseball Advisory Committee to fairly evaluate the bids:
  • Community
  • Point of Contact and contact information
  • Which age division and most likely class
  • Proposed facility details (need the ability to conduct night games); must meet minimum dimensions listed in the 2018 Proposed rules and 2018 State Tournament Checklist
  • Local/nearest VFW post support
  • Level of community and/or association support
  • EMS support, distance/time for ambulance response
  • Local media support (radio, internet access at facilities, etc.)
  • Last time the community hosted a VFW Baseball Tournament, Division and Class
  • Acknowledgement that you have read the 2018 State Tournament Checklist and the 2018 Proposed rules
  • General description of lodging available
  • Any details you feel are critical for us to know

2018 State Tournament Checklist (We're still creating the open ceremony diagram and media relations sheet)

Proposed 2018 16U-14U Rules

Proposed 2018 12U Rules

Proposed 2018 10U Rules

VFW Youth Baseball Grant Program Request Form

VFW Youth Baseball Community of the Year Guidelines