Class B 10U- Castlewood/Estelline Area; July 14-16

2017 Results

Champion: Corsica

Runner Up: Flandreau

3rd Place: Platte-Geddes

4th Place: Hamlin


Thank you for registering for this year’s State B VFW 10 U State Baseball Tournament July 14-16. 


The tournament will follow VFW 10 and under rules which can be found at


Below are a few requirements for each coach to pay special attention to:

  • Each team must be represented by one of their coaches at the Coaches meeting Friday, July 14 at 9:00 am in Castlewood at the Community Center located on Main Street in Castlewood.  Here you will be required to bring copies of birth certificates for all players listed on your roster as well as proof of insurance
  • Pool 1/A will be playing in Castlewood
  • Pool 2/B will be playing in Castlewood
  • Pool 3/C will be playing in Estelline  (located approx. 15 miles/minutes south of Castlewood)
  • Below are the designated pools:
    • Pool A: Salem, Castlewood, Flandreau, Kimball-White Lake
    • Pool B: Corsica-Stickney, Hamlin, Parker, Clark Comets
    • Pool C: Platte-Geddes, Alexandria, Fort Pierre, Clear Lake
  • All of Sundays Games (16th) will be played in Castlewood

Please click on the bracket link for more information; 2017 Tournament Brackets and Skills Challenge Schedule

The “Wild Card” team will advance to the Championship Bracket will be determined by the existing VFW tie-breaker rules:
  • Pool Play Tie Breakers Formats for all VFW Baseball Tournaments
    • Win-Loss record in pool play
    • Head-to-head competition provided all teams have played each other
    • Fewest runs allowed (overall)
    • Best Run differential in all pool play games (maximum per game run differential of +10 or -10)
  • If, in the event of a 3-way tie or more, the 3-way tie is broken either before step #4 or upon completion of step #4 and a 2-way tie still remains, the two remaining tied teams will revert back to step #2 and repeat the tie-breaker criteria from that point in order to break the tie
  • In the event of forfeit in Divisional/Pool Play, the non-forfeiting teams will be credited with a 10 run differential victory. Teams that forfeit a game cannot advance in tournament play
  • Coin Toss.


There will NOT be any t-shirts available for sale at the tournament.  The only sales for State Tournament T-Shirts will be pre-order sales using the attached order form.  Please print this form, collect the orders including style and size for your entire team, friends and family.  The entire order should go onto one order form and be returned via email to on or before July 5, 2017.  At the coaches meeting, each coach should bring one check payable to A&D Graphics to pay for your teams’ shirt order.  Your team’s order will be ready for pick up at that meeting.


  • Opening ceremonies will be held on  Saturday , July 15, 2017 at 09:00 am (be there by 8 am) on the Castlewood baseball field.  All teams are required to participate.  All teams should plan to gather North of the 3rd base dugout at 8:00 am to get properly lined up and organized for the ceremony.
  • We also ask that each team send the below for the tournament program:
    • Team roster including coach name and player names and numbers
    • These need to be completed and returned to  by July 5, 2017

A few additional details as well.

  • Admission will be $5 per day for adults, students under 18 are free.
  • Programs will be for sale $1.00.
  • Castlewood Concessions with burgers, nachos, pulled pork, walking tacos, hot dogs, chips, candy, chocolate, popcorn, ice cream, cold drinks and more will be available through the entire tournament
  • Estelline Concessions with barbecues, hot dogs, chips, candy, chocolate, popcorn, cold drinks and more will be available Friday and Saturday

Something new this year! We will be holding a FUNdemental skills challenge this year (see attached).  It is going to be fun for the kids.  If you have any questions refer to them to Wes Grantham 605-881-4102. 


• If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me at 605-680-4981.


Mick Kirwan

Tournament Coordinator

Castlewood Baseball Assoc.